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The wireless Mini So Play Bluetooth speaker lamp is a portable lamp with an integrated cool white / warm white / multicolor LED base with variable intensity and a 5W power speaker. Far from being a lamp or a speaker like the others, it seduces with its originality. Connect via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet and stream music everywhere with its built-in speaker! Its variations of light to the rhythm of the music give it an inimitable style. The Mini So Play Bluetooth lamp can be placed, transported or strolled according to your desires.


  • Diameter: 18 cm
  • Height : 25 cm
  • Weight : 0.8 kg


  • Material: Rotational molded polyethylene
  • Protection index: IP44
  • Light temperature: 3000-10000K
  • Luminosity: White - Warm white
  • Lumens: 70
  • Loading: USB cables
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