Attached to strong values of quality and trust, the members of the Lumisky team strive to innovate, and to always improve the technical characteristics of the products to offer customers full satisfaction and a high quality product.


Our range of design and robust luminaires owes its quality to the importance we attach to the choice of materials. The high-quality plastic (polyethylene) is transformed using the rotomolding process, a plastic transformation technique used to manufacture hollow polymer parts. The process prevents the formation of residues, which guarantees the high quality of the rotationally molded parts produced.

To better understand rotomoulding, here are the 4 steps:

  • Preparation of raw materials : Polyethylene is the material most commonly used in rotational molding manufacturing, so it is fully mastered.
  • Loading the mould : An exact amount of raw material (usually powder) is put inside a mould, depending on the desired thickness. The mold can be made of steel or aluminum depending on the appearance and quality of the product required. Then the mold is closed and placed in the oven.
  • Heating of the mold : Once in the oven, the mold begins the rotation on two axes. As the temperature rises, the raw material begins to melt and expand, taking on the shape of the inner sides of the mould.
  • Mold cooling : When the mold comes out of the oven, it is placed in a cooling zone where the material solidifies. Once the product reaches the appropriate temperature, it is ready to be removed. This cycle is repeated over and over again. The finishing of the parts includes: visual and manual inspection, milling, cutting, machining, and the addition of accessories such as LED bases, etc. before gently placing the product in its final packaging. All this process allows us to obtain high quality parts.

The advantages of rotational molding :

  • This technology opens the door to great creative freedom!
  • The traces of junction of the two parts disappear!
  • We control the thicknesses, in order to control the quality of the final product!
  • The Leonardo machine allows us to be reactive and to adapt our production to your needs!
  • All our products show great resistance to external conditions, corrosion and impacts. The raw material used is treated to resist UV rays

Our employees optimize their production while respecting our values of quality, product robustness and customer satisfaction.
Our LED bases are scrupulously tested before being added to the roto molded product, the PE part benefits from manual control and adjustment if necessary.